The Best Blankets For Sleeping Or Picnics And Everything In between

A soft, cozy blanket is an essential part of home, whether it be on your bed or on the living room couch — or both! They can be great for adding an extra layer to your bed sheets for warmth or to add a bit of color to the decor of your rooms, and nothing beats snuggling down with a blanket when you’re relaxing. But choosing the right blanket for you and your needs can be difficult. You may think that a cheap, soft blanket that fits your bed size perfectly is the easy option for you, but in fact there are a lot more factors that go into choosing the best blankets that’ll give you comfort, relaxation and sleep like you’ve never imagined.

Take a look at things we think you should keep in mind when buying the best blankets:

The Fit

This may seem simple, but you want a blanket that fits you properly. A blanket that’s too short and doesn’t cover your feet when curling up is just going to leave you uncomfortable, and a blanket that’s too big and drapes down the sides of your bed is going to be annoying. Therefore, you should know the size of your bed before shopping for a blanket, or at least take a measurement so you can ensure you get the right fit. Blankets, depending on the manufacturer, usually come in the same size that beds do — California King (extra large), King, Queen, Double/Full, and Twin. If you are looking for a blanket or throw to fit your couch or body though, it may be best to take a measurement just to double check the size.

The Fabric

The fabric is important because this is ultimately what will keep you warm, what will feel soft against your skin and will provide some of the weight to your blanket. Everyone wants their blanket to be cozy, but some people like a smooth texture to cuddle up with, while others like something more fluffy. The most common types of blanket fabrics are:

Cotton – Cotton blankets are lightweight and therefore give a good amount of warmth, but are best for the summer. Cotton is a durable fabric and will last a long time, without the quality decreasing when washed.

Down – Down blankets have feathers that sandwich together another piece of fabric in the middle. They are similar to down comforters but are generally on the thinner side.

Wool – Wool blankets come in both tight-knit and lightweight styles. The tight-knit style woollen blanket is perfect for the winter as they are very thick. The lightweight blankets are thinner and breathable so don’t make you overheat, so are therefore better for the summer.

Fleece – Fleece blankets are best if you are looking for something to keep you warm. They can be thin but very cozy and soft.

Synthetics – Synthetic blankets, made of materials such as polyester and acrylic, are very warm and cozy because they do not breathe and therefore keep all the heat in, making them perfect for winter.

The Weave

The weave of your blanket is also responsible for some of the warmth and weight you will feel. Blankets made of fabrics such as wool and synthetic materials are tightly-weaved and therefore keep in a lot of the warmth as they don’t breathe so much. Cotton blankets are less-tightly weaved and are therefore more breathable and are therefore generally cooler.

The Warmth

How warm your blanket is is important depending on the time of the year. You don’t want to be trying to cuddle up to a thin blanket when it’s cold during winter, and you don’t want to be swamped by a thick, fluffy blanket when it’s the middle of summer, so take this into consideration when choosing your blanket.

The Washability

Paying close attention to the washing and care instructions on your blanket is very important because you can risk destroying your blanket if you don’t. A lot of blankets these days are machine washable, but not many survive the dryer, so make sure to double check.

The Durability

Blankets and throws often have a tendency to pill and and shed. “Pilling” is when little balls of fabric appear on the material after it has been washed. The blanket can also shed if it is losing fibers after every wash. Hand washing blankets can help prevent this from happening, but it will depend on what material your blanket is made from as some are fine to put in the washing machine and will stay in great condition for a long time.

The Breathability

You don’t want to be getting overly hot or too sweaty underneath a blanket. They are designed to keep you cozy, not to overheat you. Therefore, looking at the blankets breathability is important, especially if you plan on using your blanket in the warmer months too. A fleece blanket can be great for the winter, but can be too stuffy for the summer. A cotton blanket might be better for the summer as it breathes well, still keeping you warm but doesn’t make you too hot.

Are you ready to find the best blanket for you? Take a look at the blankets we recommend on Amazon below that’ll keep you warm and snuggled no matter what time of year.


The 10 Best Blankets

1) Gravity Blanket: The Weighted Blanket For Sleep, Stress and Anxiety

The Gravity blanket helps if you are suffering from anxiety or struggling to sleep. It uses light weights on top of the body to improve your sleep quality and to reduce stress by simulating the feeling of being held or hugged. Studies have shown that this blanket minimizes body movement for a deeper REM cycle, and also increase serotonin and melatonin while decreasing cortisol to lessen stress. The Gravity blanket is comprised of two parts — the exterior duvet cover, made of super soft micro-fleece, and the interior weighted blanket, made of cotton and fine-grade glass beads.

The cover is removable and washable while the interior blanket stays in place inside the cover with both ties and elastic-button straps. For maximum effect, you should choose the weight of this blanket to be about 10% of your body weight, as this helps keeps the beads evenly distributed. This cotton blanket comes in both blue and gray to match your room’s aesthetic.




2) LOMAO Sherpa Fleece Blanket

LOMAO’s Sherpa Fleece Blanket is a dual sided throw with sherpa fleece on one side and Jacquard coral fleece on the other. Therefore, this blanket offers two different textures against your skin, helping to improve your sleep quality. The different design on either side of the blanket means you can have it in the living room or in your bedroom and it still looks great. It is durable and sturdy, made with high grade microfiber polyester that not only feels soft and cozy but will survive the washing machine for years. The high density fiber used for making this blanket also means it is lightweight, yet still keeps you warm. It is available in a range of colors to match your decor.




3) Degrees of Comfort Weighted Blanket

This weighted blanket from Degrees of Comfort is perfect for those who suffer with sleep issues. The blanket is filled with nano-ceramic beads that weigh down the blanket to help you sleep your best, all while staying evenly distributed throughout the blanket so they don’t disturb you during the night. The beads are high quality and durable and because they are finer and denser, so fewer beads are required for the same weight. This blanket is great for both hot and cold sleepers and transitions well between summer and winter as it comes with two different covers.

One is a warm fleece material to keep you cozy, while the other is made from CoolMax Microfiber technology to ventilate heat away from your body. The covers are easy to clean and are machine washable. This blanket comes in different weights, sizes and colors, so you can choose the blanket that’s right for you.




4) Tache White Faux Fur with Sherpa Throw Blanket

The Tache White blanket is a great addition to any room and adds a hint of elegance to your couch or bed. Made from polyester, this blanket is nicely weighted with 300 gsm faux fur on one side, and 270 gsm sherpa fleece on the other. This makes it great for the cold nights as the material is thick and keeps you nice and cozy. It is easy to take care of and machine washable, and also does not shed when washed so will last you a long time. This throw blanket comes in different sizes so you can buy according to your bed or couch size. It also comes in a range of color options and patterns to match your style.




5) Life Comfort Microfiber Plush Polyester Blanket

This large Life Comfort blanket measures at 60 x 70 inches so is great to have thrown over your couch or bed to keep you extra snuggled up. It is a versatile blanket with a soft, velvety face that reverses to sherpa fleece on the other side for maximum comfort. Made from 100% polyester, this blanket is easy to take care of and can be put in the washing machine without it decreasing the quality. It is recommended you hang dry it to keep the sherpa side extra fluffy. It is perfect for all year round and won’t make you too hot or too cold. This blanket is available in a few different colors to match your bedroom or living room.




6) Sable Electric Throw and Heated Blanket

Made from polyester, the Sable Electric Blanket keeps you warm during the winter months. Extra safe, you don’t need to worry about this blanket overheating as it has a comprehensive protection system, so it keeps you warm with constant temperature protection. The super soft material retains heat very well to make you extra cozy. Ranging between 68-122℉, you can choose your perfect temperature and use the one hour, two hour and three hour timer settings for ease and to conserve electricity. You can detach the controller and the throw blanket becomes machine washable, so it is very easy to take care of.




7) Eikei Faux Fur Throw Blanket

This silky Eikei Faux Fur blanket looks and feels like the real thing, keeping you extra warm while being made out of polyester. The faux fur is backed with velvet so both sides offer comfort and a different style. This throw looks elegant and stylish in any room of the house and is extra large, measuring 59 x 69 inches so it’s long and wide enough for you to snuggle under. A medium weight, this blanket is not too light or heavy and does not shed, even when washed in the washing machine. This throw blanket comes in two colors.




8) Hearth & Crate Chunky Knit Blanket

Made from Chenille yarn, this chunky knit blanket from Hearth & Crate is super soft and cozy to snuggle up to, while still being breathable enough for the summer months. Measuring at 50 x 60 inches, it is big enough for a bed, a sofa or a chair in your living room, so you can cuddle up anywhere in your house. This blanket is hypoallergenic and does not shed or tear over time, making it very durable. It is also machine washable and therefore easy to take care of. It looks great around the house and the color is neutral enough to fit in with any room.




9) The Connecticut Home Company Shag with Sherpa Reversible Throw Blanket

Available in four different sizes to fit your couch or your bed, The Connecticut Home Company Shag with Sherpa Reversible Throw Blanket gives you ultimate comfort with it’s thick shag material on one side and soft sherpa on the other side. It does not shed or pill and therefore can act as a great protector against dirt and spills on your bed or couch. It is also easy to clean and can be put in the washing machine. The stylish design adds a simplistic class to your room, and it is available in lots of colors so you an find one that matches your style.




10) Desert Breeze Distributing Alpaca and Sheep Wool Blanket

Desert Breeze Distributing’s Alpaca and Sheep Wool Blanket is a tightly woven blanket made from soft 50% Alpaca and 50% Merino Wool, from animals raised in the Andes. You don’t need to worry about the wool being scratchy, because both the alpaca and sheep wool are very fine so therefore feel smooth against the skin. The weave of this blanket means it is breathable, yet it is also thick and soft so still great for cold weather. The reinforcing binding along the edges is made from polyester and is very durable, so this blanket will last you a long time. It is also very easily washable and comes in a range of earth tones and different bedding sizes.





Whether you’re looking for a blanket to help you sleep better at night, or just one to relax and cuddle up under on the couch, we know you can find one that suits you and your home. Remember to take a look at the size, the fabric and the warmth of your blanket so you can ensure you get the best fit for your lifestyle and stay cozy all year round.