Best Cooling Mattress Pad Guide For 2021

There is nothing worse than trying to get some rest, but constantly being woken up because it’s too hot to sleep. Your body requires a cool environment to sleep in — scientifically proven, anywhere between 60 to 67 degrees Fahrenheit is the optimal temperature because if you get too hot, your body has to activate your brain to try to help cool you down, thus waking you up and upsetting your quality of sleep. But how can you achieve this temperature? A cooling mattress pad is designed to help maintain your body at the best temperature for sleep, so you can sleep cool and dry no matter the weather.

What is a cooling mattress pad?

A cooling mattress pad is a pad you can put in on top of your mattress to ensure your bed stays at a reasonable temperature so you can avoid any heat build up and sweating issues. A cooling mattress pad can be a simple pad that uses it’s material and construction to absorb extra heat, or a pad that has a temperature regulating system attached to keep you cool while flushing all the excess heat out.

Why do I need a cooling mattress pad?

There are a few benefits to a cooling mattress pad. If you suffer from hot flashes, night sweats or just generally feel warm in bed, then a cooling mattress pad is going to allow you to sleep a lot more easily as you can remain cool and dry at night.

Regulating the temperature of your body and bed, you’ll be able to sleep soundly whatever the season, even in the height of summer when nights can be unbearably hot. A cooling mattress pad can also be a great way to save money, as you will not be using a fan or air conditioning that increase the price of your utility bill.

Getting a good nights sleep is going to do wonders to your body and mind and allow you to function better during the day. If you’re comfortable at night then you won’t be tossing and turning and disrupting your sleep, meaning you can feel well rested all the time.

Does a cooling mattress pad really work?

Yes! While everyone’s body is different and so some cooling mattress pads might be better for others, sleeping in a bed that has a cooling mattress pad regulating the temperature is going to help you in many ways.

What should I look for in a cooling mattress pad?

There are a few things to look for to ensure your cooling mattress pad is going to work for you.


The material is the most important factor to look for, because it does not only affect the durability of the cooling pad, but also the breathability, the texture and the comfort you feel as you lie on the pad. There are a wide range of materials available but some of the most common materials for a cooling mattress pad include cotton, wool, latex and gel-infused foam.

Cotton is one of the thinnest options and therefore sometimes preferable, as well as being super easy to clean. However, it’s durability is not always the best. Wool is great for the warmer months as it absorbs any excess sweat and heat to keep you cool. Latex is also good as these pads are generally well aerated and to give you a good airflow and it never changes it’s form even if the room changes temperature.

This way, the ventilators stay open for maximized airflow as you sleep. Gel-infused foam pads are one of the best at regulating temperature as the gel absorbs the heat and transports away from the body. These memory foam pads are highly ventilated so also help to keep heat away from the body and disperse it to other parts of the mattress.


Mattress pads come in a range of densities. A denser mattress pad will retain more heat due to the lack of airflow, so therefore a low-density mattress pad is normally advised as it can prevent overheating due to proper air circulation. However, dense mattress pads are normally firmer and have less sink to them, so this may be better for you if you suffer with back pain as it gives you an extra layer of support.


The firmness of your mattress pad determines how much you are going to sink into it. If your pad is softer, you will sink it to it more. This may be more comfortable, but it will encase your body and the heat won’t be able to escape so easily. A firmer mattress pad can not only be great for your back, but also allows the air to circulate more easily and therefore gives you a cooler night. Although it may not hug you like a softer mattress pad, it will result in less heat.


The cover of your mattress pad is just as important is the pad itself. A good pad should have few materials, as to not get in the way of your mattress pad and allow better airflow. This will ensure you get a cooler night as the heat is not being trapped within the cover material.

Are you ready to get a great nights sleep at the right temperature? Take a look at the ten cooling mattress pads we recommend below, all available to you on Amazon.


The 10 Best Cooling Mattress Pads

1) Pine and River Chilled Bamboo Weighted Blanket

This bamboo weighted blanket from Pine and River is perfect for those who need cooling down at night. The bamboo in this blanket regulates your natural body temperature and keeps you cool, while feeling luxuriously soft to touch so you can snuggle up without getting too hot. The weights are distributed evenly so the blanket feels comfortable on top of your body and are engineered with a silica blend and do not move around.

The blanket is not only sustainably made from bamboo that grows without being replanted, but it is also the perfect size to fit on top of a queen sized mattress so you can also use it as a mattress topper to give you a great nights sleep. This blanket is machine washable and comes in two different weights, based on your own body weight.




2) ExceptionalSheets Bamboo Mattress Pad with Fitted Skirt

This cooling mattress pad from ExceptionalSheets comes with a fitted skirt, so your entire mattress feels the cooling effect and ensures you get a better nights sleep without the cover slipping. The plush cover is made from rayon from bamboo that is not only super soft to touch but also ultra breathable so your body stays colder. The mattress pad is filled with hypoallergenic down alternative RevoLoft that feels like goose and duck down but without the feathers. The comfort of this combined with the airflow of the mattress pad ensures you get the most comfortable nights sleep possible and can feel cool all year round. This mattress pad comes in a range of bed sizes and is perfect for those with allergies.




3) Zen Bamboo Ultra Soft Fitted Bamboo Mattress Pad

This Zen Bamboo Ultra Soft Fitted Bamboo Mattress Pad is made with 40% rayon derived from bamboo and 60% brushed microfiber to not only give you maximum softness but also keeps you extra cool at night so you sleep better. The breathability of the rayon derived from bamboo helps to diffuse heat as you sleep to ensure you don’t overheat while also giving you a cozy layer to lie on. This mattress pad has elastic around the edge to keep it in place, so you feel the cooling effects all night long even if you move around. Furthermore, this mattress pad keeps your mattress stain-free and can easily be thrown in the wash and also comes in a range of bed sizes.




4) eLuxurySupply Bamboo Extra Thick Mattress Pad with Fitted Skirt

Another mattress topper made from bamboo, the eLuxurySupply Bamboo Extra Thick Mattress Pad with Fitted Skirt provides excellent air circulation for a cooler nights sleep. Transferring hot air away from the body before you get too warm, you can sleep in peace. The fitted skirt also helps to keep the mattress pad in place, so it does not shift as you move around in bed and disrupt your sleep. The extra thick padding of this mattress pad provides you with even more cushioning, filled with Revoloft fiber that has the plush feel of authentic goose & duck down but without the feathers so it is not only more comfortable, but also hypoallergenic. This cooling mattress pad is available in every bed size.




5) LEISURE TOWN Mattress Pad Cover Cooling Mattress Topper

Made from 300TC cotton, the LEISURE TOWN Mattress Pad Cover Cooling Mattress Topper helps to keep your body cool at night. With it’s HNN Cooling Technology that increases airflow, it means this mattress pad is super breathable, but you don’t have to worry about being too cold in the winter as it adapts to your surroundings. It is overfilled with snow down that has the feel of authentic goose and duck down but is softer, and the thickness means you stay cozy but without overheating. The mattress pad stays in place with elastic and spilt liquids can be wiped away easily to protect your bed. This mattress topper is machine washable and comes in a range of bed sizes.




6) oaskys Cooling Mattress Topper

The oaskys Cooling Mattress Topper is made from 300TC cotton, making it extra soft and cosy underneath but also breathable to keep you colder. With the fantastic airflow of cotton you can stay cooler at night without compromizing how comfortable you feel so you can enjoy disruption-free nights. The filling is snow down which has the feel of goose and duck down but without the poking of feathers or any of the allergies. The diamond quilting of this mattress pad ensures you get both quality and comfort as it not only supports your back, but also prevents the filling from moving so you can stay cool even if you toss and turn in bed. The cover stays in place with elastic like a fitted sheet, and can be washed easily.




7) Milemont Cooling Gel Mattress Topper

This Cooling Gel Mattress Topper from Milemont uses cooling gel infused into two inch memory foam to regulate the temperature of your bed and ensure you sleep better. Absorbing the heat and dispersing it, this mattress pad adapts to your body to keep you cool. Made from memory foam, this topper not only cushions your body but also supports it, aligning the spine and moulding to relieve pressure points at the shoulders, hips, knees, and feet. The foam is durable and will last you a long time and can be used on your bed at home or when travelling, for example, in an RV. Available in most bed sizes, all the family can have this breathable cooling mattress pad to keep them at the right temperature.




8) Advanced Sleep Solutions Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Adding comfort to your bed, the Advanced Sleep Solutions Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper is a two inch foam support to help keep you cool. The open cell structure design includes a gel mixture that helps to absorb the heat and transfer it away from the body as you sleep as well as giving you great airflow. The memory foam also helps to incase your body so it can distribute the heat evenly as well as providing support for your spine and muscles and giving you minimized motion transfer for those of you who have restless partners, kids or pets. This mattress pad is durable and will not only last you a long time but also works as a mattress protector.




9) Mattress Cooler Chilled Water Sleep Cooling System Mattress Topper

This Mattress Cooler Chilled Water Sleep Cooling System Mattress Topper keeps your body cool at night without you having to spend loads to have the AC on. The cooling unit chills about three quarts of water 7-12 degrees below room temperature that is then pumped through the thin cooling pad that is placed on your mattress. The pad absorbs excess heat trapped in the mattress and draws it away from your body to keep you extra cool. Unlike traditional mattress toppers that are soft and cosy and often absorb heat, this cooling mattress pad is still comfortable to lie on but disperses the heat so you can stay at the right temperature. This mattress pad can be laid across the bed to cool two people, or just one if your partner doesn’t want to feel the effects!




10) chiliPAD Cube 3.0 Cooling and Heating Mattress Pad

This Cube 3.0 Cooling and Heating Mattress Pad from chiliPAD uses an adjustable, water-based system to regulate the surface temperature of your mattress by circulating water through the silicone micro-tubes in the pad to give you a more comfortable sleeping environment. By using the heat trapping properties of bedding material, this mattress pad makes sure the mattress is cool and uses your blanket or comforter to act as insulation so you can stay cool yet comfortable. It also allows for temperature control in one degree increments between 55-110 degrees Fahrenheit, so you can find the perfect temperature for your bed. This mattress pad helps to save energy as you don’t have to have the AC on, and it can operate from under your bed so tidies away well.





Getting a good nights sleep shouldn’t be difficult and with a cooling mattress pad to keep your bed temperature regulated, you’ll be able to rest interrupted all year round. Whether you suffer from hot flashes or find the heat of the summer unbearable, we know that in the list above you can find a cooling mattress pad that’ll answer your problems.