Best Down Pillows For 2021

The best down pillows are something to consider if you want unbeatable softness to lay your head on while sleeping. Most of us spend at least seven or eight hours in bed at night, so why shouldn’t we have a cozy pillow to help us relax and recharge? Whether you’re a back, side or front sleeper, a down pillow is a great addition to any bed that’ll leave you feeling like you’re sleeping on a cloud.

What is a down pillow?

A down pillow is a pillow filled with down feathers or clusters. Down feathers are the softest under-feathers from either duck or geese and are taken from their back, wings or chest. The outer feathers are the feathers used in regular feather pillows, and are therefore less soft. A down pillow can last up to ten years when properly taken care of. You must always use a pillow case when using a down pillow.

Why do I need a down pillow?

If you want a super soft, comfy place to rest your head, you need a down pillow. Not only are they soft and cuddly, but they’re also super cool and breathable, so you won’t constantly be turning your pillow over to find the “cool side”. They are also easy to shape and mold to the shape of your head for maximum comfort. Although they are more expensive than a regular pillow, they are long-lasting and the down feathers can be re-cased if the original casing becomes worn or stained.

What should I look for in a down pillow?

There are a few things to look for in a down pillow. We compiled a quick buying guide for you:

Fill Power

Fill power is the volume a single ounce of down feathers take up. The higher the fill power, the fluffier the pillow will be and therefore provides more comfort. A higher fill power can also help a down pillow to retain it’s shape over time.


The comfort of your pillow is something very important. The comfier you are, the better you are going to sleep. While down pillows are one of the comfiest pillows on the market, you can check the fill power and the ratio of down feathers to regular feathers in your pillow to determine how comfortable it is going to be to sleep on.

Thread Count

The thread count determines how many horizontal and vertical threads there are in one square inch of fabric. The higher the thread count, the better quality your pillow will be and there will be less chance of the feathers escaping. However, a higher thread count may not be good for those who sleep hot, because a high thread count means the pillow is less breathable.

Goose Down vs. Duck Down

Down pillows are usually filled with either goose down or duck down. Goose is normally more expensive because of it’s larger clusters, but it is also better quality and holds a higher fill power. Duck down is less expensive and more likely to produce an odor. However, it is still super soft and comfy.


The durability of your pillow is important because you don’t want to be buying a new pillow every few years, especially at the price you will be paying for a down pillow. Down pillows are generally very durable, but you can check the thread count and the fill power to determine which pillows are slightly more durable. You should protect your pillow with a pillow cover to preserve it’s life and you can also re-case the feathers if the original case becomes worn.

Are you ready to feel the benefits of a down pillow and get the most comfortable night’s sleep? Take a look at the best down pillows we recommend to you on Amazon below, so you can find the best pillow for you.

The 10 Best Down Pillows

1) puredown® Natural Goose Down Feather Pillow

Filled with 95% grey goose feather and 5% grey goose down, the puredown® Natural Goose Down Feather Pillow is great for one searching for a premium level of medium shoulder and neck support. Available in a set of two, these pillows are thick but comfortable and are covered in double layers of 100% cotton fabric to avoid potential discomfort from the feathers, while also being super breathable. The box stitch design also helps to avoid any shifting of the inner filling so you can sleep undisturbed. These come in different sizes, based on your bed size.




2) East Coast Bedding Goose Down Pillow

This white goose down pillow from East Coast Bedding comes in a range of sizes, so you can choose the fill amount of your pillow — 20 oz. for the standard size, 25 oz. for the queen size and 28 oz. for the king size. The super soft goose down is encased in premium cotton fabric, with a 400 thread count for great comfort and breathability. It is moldable to the shape of your head for ultimate luxury and the pillow is also hypoallergenic so you can sleep peacefully at night.




3) Royal Hotel King Down Pillow

This pack of two king size down pillows from Royal Hotel are filled with goose down for amazing relaxation. With a fill power of 750 and a 56 oz. fill, your head is resting on a firm but plush pillow and the 500 thread count of the 100% cotton cover means you are getting amazing breathability so you don’t overheat at night. These pillows are also allergy free. They can be fluffed in the dryer to keep them plump and comfortable, but should only be dry cleaned. These down pillows also come in other sizes and firmness so you can get the pillow that is right for you.




4) L LOVSOUL Goose Down Pillow

Offering great support for all kinds of sleepers — front, back or side — this goose down pillow from L LOVSOUL is covered in 100% Egyptian cotton with a thread count of 1000, making it extra smooth to the touch. Inside, there are three chambers; the outer chamber is filled with 100% goose down and the inner chamber is filled with 90% goose feather and 10% goose down. The goose feather ensures firmness within the pillow, while goose down gives you unbeatable fluffiness at the same time. This luxury down pillow comes in packs of one or two and is of queen size, measuring 20×28 inches.




5) DOWNLITE Extra Soft Down Pillow

The DOWNLITE Extra Soft Down Pillow is specifically designed for stomach sleepers or those with neck issues. Filled with white duck down and a fill power of 525 to 550, this extra soft pillow is made for those who find most pillows too full. It is very flat, allowing great airflow as you sleep so you can breath normally when lying on your face. The cotton cover has a thread count of 250 to increase the breathability of the material and the pillow is also hypoallergenic. It is available in three different sizes and, if needed, can be used as extra cushioning on top of your existing pillow.




6) puredown® Natural Goose Down Feather Pillow Inserts

Stuffed with 85% goose feather and 15% goose down, this puredown® down pillow is a medium-firm alternative to the puredown® pillow mentioned above. The firmness of this pillow offers you support in your head and neck, molding to your body to keep you cozy at the same time. The cover is made from 100% cotton that is not only soft to touch but also breathable. The double layer of the cotton fabric and further polyester inner layers ensure there is no poking from the feathers inside so you can enjoy a comfortable night’s sleep. This quality pillow is available in three different sizes.




7) WENERSI Premium Goose Down Pillow

In this two pack of WENERSI pillows, each pillow is filled with 85% goose feather and 15% white goose down, giving you a super soft place to lay your head at night. Great for all sleeping potisions, these pillows mold to your head so your head is at the correct height in comparison to your spine, helping to relieve any neck and shoulder pain you may be experiencing from your current pillow. The shell is made from 100% cotton for ultimate breathability so you are not subjected to any further moisture. These pillows come in two different sizes – queen and king – and are available in both firm and soft, so you can pick the pillow that is right for you.




8) Royal Hotel Queen Down Pillow

The queen version of the Royal Hotel king pillows mentioned above, this set of two goose down pillows offer the same great fluffiness, but with a 42 oz. fill instead of 56 oz. Still firm, these pillows come with a fill power of 750 to provide great coziness and the 500 thread count 100% cotton cover offers great breathability so you can stay cool at night, even in the heat of the summer. Allergy free, these pillows are great for everyone. They also come in other sizes and firmness — soft, medium-firm, firm and extra-firm — so you can get a pillow that is personalized to your needs.




9) East Coast Bedding Goose Down Pillow Set

Similar to the East Coast pillows mentioned above, in this pillow set you get two premium quality goose down pillows in either standard, queen or king size. Each size comes with different fill amounts, so you can choose the amount you want based on their firmness. Filled with pure white goose down, these pillows are cased in 400 count cotton fabric, giving you a deluxe pillow set that offers great air flow and breathability while you sleep.




10) Continental Bedding Superior Down Pillow

With a fill power of 700, the Continental Bedding Superior Down Pillow is filled with super fluffy white goose down for maximum comfort. The high level of fill creates a firm but relaxing pillow, allowing you sink into it for great warmth. The 300 thread count cotton shell is hypoallergenic and does not trap dust or cause allergies, and has great breathability so you don’t get too hot in the night. The pillow offers a great height for all — back sleepers, front sleepers or side sleepers — so your neck is not strained while you relax and your pillow molds to your head. These pillows come in three different sizes, standard, queen or king, and can be bought as singles or as a set of two.





A down pillow can offer you great comfort when you get into bed at the end of a long day. Not only are they breathable and cool, but they also mold to the shape of your head so it feels like you’re sleeping on a cloud. Although they’re a little more expensive than your regular pillow, we know you can find unbeatable softness in one of the pillows above, making those down feathers inside worth every penny.