Best Futon Mattress Reviews – Guide For 2021

If your apartment is small or you’re in need of a bed in the guest room but don’t have the space or money for a traditional mattress bed, a futon mattresses can be the perfect way to provide a comfy, easy-to-store bed for either you or your friends and family to sleep.

What are the different types of futon mattresses?

A traditional futon is a Japanese style of bedding. It consists of a thin mattress that is laid on the ground, fitting in with the Japanese style of minimalism. However, there are also American futons, that are slightly thicker than the Japanese ones. These futons normally consist of foam or springs, and are usually laid on some type of base frame. They are often more versatile and work as sofas that flatten to become futon mattresses too.

Why do I need a futon mattress?

A futon mattress can be useful is many different ways. Whether you’re moving into your first studio apartment and need to save space in your living room, or you’re looking for a foldable bed for another room of your house, there are a few reasons a futon mattress could benefit you.

Easy Storage

Futon mattresses are very easy to fold away and are a great way to save on space if your apartment is small or if you only need to access the futon every now and again.


A futon mattress is very versatile because it can combine two household items — a sofa and a bed — into one. If you live in a small house or studio apartment, you can use the futon as a couch during the day, and then pull it out to become a bed at night. This is also great if you are using the futon for guests. The futon can be used as a couch most of the time, and be easily transformed into a bed whenever you need.

Better Comfort

There are so many futons available today that you can find ones with exceptional comfort and support. With a wide range of metals and designs, you can buy a high quality futon that makes an extra comfy place to sit or sleep.

Lower Price Tag

Futon mattresses are a cheaper alternative to a traditional bed or couch because they can combine two in one, so you are saving on expensive items. This way you can get the same quality, but they are more compact and more versatile.

Improved Health

With traditional Japanese floor futons, you sleep without a base. This can be very beneficial for your health not only by being closer to the ground, but also for your spinal alignment. Sleeping on a futon on the floor can reduce back pain and any pressure points you feel in your neck and shoulders.

What should I look for in a futon mattress?

With so many futon mattresses on the market these days, it can be difficult to know which ones are best and what features you should be looking for. You want something of made of high-quality materials that is going to last you, whether you’re sleeping on it every night or if you have guests to stay a few times a year. First you should decide what type of futon mattress you want — a Japanese style or American style — and then take a look at our buying guide:


If your futon mattress is not comfortable, you’re not going to want to sleep on it and nor are any guests you have to stay. A futon mattress should be both comfortable and supportive, especially if you are planning on using it as both a bed and a sofa.


The thickness of the futon mattress is important because it directly relates to how comfortable it is. If the futon mattress is too thin, you are going to be able to feel the floor or springs and base underneath you, and you won’t be able to sit comfortably or sleep soundly. Some futons can be extra thick — up to eight inches — but thickness also depends on personal preference. Some like to feel closer to the ground, while others like to feel higher up and off the floor, so they feel they are properly supported.


The material of your futon also relates to how comfortable your mattress is going to be, but also determines features such as breathability and washability. There are a few common materials that futons are often made of:

Memory Foam – Memory foam can be great because it molds to the shape fo your body and distributes your weight evenly. This not only gives great comfort, but also offers exceptional support for your back. However, it can lack breathability and can stay warm in hotter climates.

Innerspring – Innerspring futon mattresses are made with metal coils combined with high-density polyfoam and covered with a quilted layer. A little more expensive, they can be better quality but are more difficult to fold away.

Cotton – Cotton is the cheapest option for futon mattresses and closely resembles the traditional Japanese futon. The material is breathable but these mattresses can be less durable. They are generally thinner and wear away more easily.


The futon mattresses listed below do not come with frames, but it may be something you want to invest in. A frame on your futon mattress can add extra support and lift you off the ground.

Wood – Wood is the most common material for a futon frame. It is strong and durable, but therefore sometimes more expensive.

Metal – Metal frame are reasonably priced but still durable. They don’t always look as great as wooden frames do, but they can be easier to transport and move from room to room.


The size of the futon is important based on the size of the living space it has to fit. If you are looking for something to fit into a studio apartment, you want your futon mattress to be fairly small. It is also important to take into consideration how many people your futon needs to sleep.

Fold Style

Most futon mattresses are folded before being put away to conserve living space. There are two different types of folds: bi-fold and tri-fold. Bi-fold is when the futon mattress folds in half. This is common for futons that transform from sofas into beds. With a tri-fold, the futon folds into three pieces.

A futon mattress can be a comfy, useful addition to any household. Below we have complied a list fo the best futon mattresses available to you on Amazon, so you can get the mattress that is right for you.

The Best Futon Mattresses

1) Artiva USA Home Deluxe 8-Inch Futon Sofa Mattress

The 8 inch Artiva USA futon mattress is made with three layers of 1.5” polyester fiber and two layers of premium cotton to give you maximum support and comfort while you sleep. Innerspring gives this full sized mattress extra quality and makes it durable so it will last you a long time. This mattress can either be used on the floor or put on a base to make a comfy futon bed for either you or your guests. It can easily be folded for storage and there are multiple colors to choose from so you find the one that fits in with your home.




2) EMOOR Original CLASSE Floor Futon

This floor futon from EMOOR is perfect for those who enjoy minimalistic living, but it can also be used on a bed frame or as a topper on top of your existing mattress. Easily tri-foldable, this mattress is a great space saver and great for guests. Lightweight, the outer fabric is made from 100% cotton and inside it is filled with 100% polyetser. Although it is relatively thin, it offers great comfort and support for your back with a firm polyester pad sandwiched between two layers of soft polyester quilt. This futon mattress comes in both king and queen sizes.




3) Mozaic Queen 12-Inch Futon Mattress

12 inches thick, this Mozaic queen-sized futon mattress is constructed of foam wrapped in a mixed cotton blend, then further encased in a durable poly-cotton blend cover. Giving you great comfort and support due to it’s thickness, this mattress can be used either as a guest bed on the floor or on a frame, or it can be folded in half onto a frame for a sofa. It can also be folded away for convenience. The mattress is also reversible for extended durability. Available in lots of different colors to suit your style, the mattress also features lace-tufting for a sofa-like appearance.




4) Serta Cypress Double Sided Innerspring Futon Mattress

The Serta Cypress eight inch futon mattress is made from a high quality innerspring unit that gives the feel of a mattress-like support system, surrounded by two 1” pieces of CertiPUR foam that proves supple, body conforming comfort. The foam is then encased in a cotton-like polyester fabric for great softness. Available in both full and queen size, this mattress can be used on the floor or on a frame and can be folded in half to become a couch. It is great in small apartments as it provides a great place to sit, but can transform to a regular bed mattress for guests or folded away when more space is needed.



5) DHP 8-Inch Coil Futon Mattress

This DHP 8-Inch Coil Futon Mattress fits any standard full-size futon frame and can be laid flat as a bed or folded to become a couch. With high-density foam and polyester layering between the cover and the inner coils, you are getting exceptional comfort from this mattress. The coils offer consistent support and proper balance, each working independently of the others and only reacting to the pressure that is directly applied to the particular spring, resulting in reduced motion transfer. This futon mattress comes in multiple colors.




6) Classic Brands 8-Inch Futon Mattress

The individually wrapped coils in the innerspring system of this Classic Brands futon mattress ensures it’s durability and resists wear and tear, so this mattress can become a staple in your home for many years. The coils are encased in separate pockets and contour to the shape of your body. Sturdy microfiber polyester covers quality foam layering between the coils, providing maximum comfort and giving you a plush place to lay down. This eight inch mattress can be used on the floor or placed on a base, and is super easy to store when you don’t need it. It is also available in black and brown.




7) Mozaic Full 8-Inch Memory Foam Futon Mattress

This full sized futon from Mozaic fits any standard full-sized frame and is eight inches thick. Made from high quality gel memory foam for support, optimal comfort and a long mattress life, this mattress is reversible for ease and durability. The mattress is covered in cotton twill that is not only breathable, but also long-lasting. The memory foam inside offers contouring to the body, distributing your body weight for back pain relief and an undisrupted night’s sleep. It can be folded to work as a sofa, and comes in eight different colors.




8) Epic Furnishings Springaire 8-Inch Inner Spring Futon Mattress

Ideal for those who prefer a medium to firm mattress, this futon from Epic Furnishings consists of 350 coils wrapped in nine inches of cotton and foam to give the classic feel of a traditional mattress underneath you. The 100% polyester outer shell has a smooth, suede feel to it for great comfort while you relax and is extra durable so this futon mattress will last you a long time. Tufted cords in this mattress also help to ensure all the fill materials stay in place, helping to avoid the material shifting and lumping and causing discomfort. This futon mattress can be folded to a sofa position and comes in a few different colors.




Whether you’re looking for a comfy place for guests to sleep at night or a way to maximize space in your studio apartment, a futon mattress is a great way to provide an extra bed. With the ability to transform from a sofa into a bed, a futon mattress is not only convenient but also super comfortable and we know you’ll love the ease of having one of these in your home.