Most Comfortable Bike Seats In 2020

When it comes to a bike, your saddle is perhaps the most crucial component. Having a right seat determines the distance you cover, the time you spend on your bike and how much fun you experience while cycling. Comfortable seats will save you from pain and other discomforts associated with improper seats.

The amount of comfort gained from a seat is affected by the activity you take part in. Whether you are a casual rider, competitive rider or someone looking for fun and exercise, you need saddles that will suit your events.

Wide sits with plush padding and springs are suitable for recreational riders who prefer to pedal over short distances while seated upright. These seats offer plenty of comforts and shock absorption on rough terrain. For competitive cyclists, sits with a long narrow nose, lightweight and with minimum padding are suitable. They lessen the weight of the bike and have less obstruction between the legs which provide maximum power transfer.

Mountain bikers use various positions while pedaling. Because of these, a saddle with padding on the seat bones, a streamlined shape and made of durable, water-resistant material will be suitable. Seats that fall between a mountain and a competitive rider that have plenty of cushioning and a relatively long narrow nose will suit touring or long distance bikers.



Top Tips for Choosing A Comfy Bike Seat


• Intended use-the type of riding you are planning to do is the first thing to consider while selecting a saddle.

• Padding-the amount of padding thickness does not necessarily define comfort levels but rather the proper placement is more critical.

• Compatibility-some saddles may interfere with adjustment especially the low profile ones. If you don’t have room to adjust the angles your comfort is limited.

• Material used-especially for those intending to race, make sure that durable, lightweight material such as carbon and titanium is incorporated in the saddle construction.

Cycling offers the ultimate fun when you are with your spouse, friends’ family members or even colleagues. However, without comfort, your expectations will not be achieved. When it comes to bike seats, choose what serves your needs while at the same time give you pleasure.

For everyday comfort riding, look for saddles made from durable material, which is soft with thick padding at the right places and has coil springs for maximum impact absorption. For racing, activities look for seats that are streamlined and lightweight and have no obstacle between the thighs for maximum power output. Finally, ensure the seat is compatible with your bike.



Reviews of top rated best comfortable bike seats


Sunlite cloud-9

The seat is anatomically designed for maximum comfort when riding. It’s a wide enough saddle measuring 10.5” long by 10.5” wide. Comfort has been enhanced with the dual density gel foam material that has left no room for muscle numbness and back pains. The material used in the cover has waterproof ability and very beautiful to look at.

Overheating and sweating has been minimized by the vented design at the middle. Shocks and trembles are absorbed by the coil spring suspension making riding fun. Sunlite is also compatible with various bikes and installation is easy and quick.


• The dual-density padding foam is soft and forgiving to the rider offering a comfortable seating area.
• Suspension coils help smooth out bumps and trembles when riding providing less vibrations.
• Has a universal design that is compatible with most bikes.
• Wide seats offer comfort when cruising over long distances.
• The vented design improves the air circulation and prevents overheating and minimizes sweating.
• Has a waterproof design that makes the seat durable.






Daway C99 memory foam padded saddle with taillight

Daway C99 seat padding has a high-density thickened widened memory foam with soft, elastic, non-slip and durable material. These features protect the rider from pain and makes cycling fun. The saddle comes with a waterproof bright tail light that has a unique design. This means that when ridding your bike at night or when it’s raining your safety is enhanced.

The ergonomic, hollow breathable and dual spring design makes riding your bike, even for long distance, enjoyable. The narrow design of the seat allows free movement of your thighs while the double springs offer high shock absorption. This seat has a universal design that is compatible with many bikes and easy to install.


• The tail light has 3 lighting modes and last up to 36 hours eliminating the need to buy and install taillights.
• The ergonomic design makes long distance riding a joy as friction between the thighs is minimized with the narrow seat design.
• The seat is durable and waterproof making it perfect for all kinds of weather.
• Dual springs provide stability and better shock absorption in rough terrain.
• Mounting the seat is comfortable and compatible with many bikes.





Zacro gel bike seat

This seat covers sticks to your saddle and offers more protection for your back. The gel acts as a cushion and eliminates the pain and muscle numbness associated with poorly padded seats. The seat cover is water and dust resistance and protects your sit from wear and tears and offer extra protection against the elements.


• Installing the cover is quick and easy to do.
• The covers are comfortable and a pleasure to ride on them.
• They are durable and manufactured to high standards.
• Protect your seats from dust and water.





Oversized comfort bike seat

These saddles are designed with comfort; they have dual spring suspension that absorbs impact shock when riding in a rugged environment. The thick padding is soft and comfortable to sit on minimizing the risk of muscle numbness and back pains. This makes your riding fun and very relaxing regardless of the time spent on the bike.

The installation process is quick and easy, eliminating the need of sophisticated equipment when placing this seat on your bike. Has an ergonomic design which makes them suitable for both men and women. This model comes in a universal fit for all kinds of bikes: cruises, city bikes, touring, fixed gear and mountain bikes.


• The anatomy design suit both male and female.
• Eliminates pressure points by absorbing road bumps as you pedal.
• Fits on most standard bikes and exercise bikes.
• Durable as it’s made from quality material.
• The installation process is quick and straightforward.





Tonbux dual shock

The long soft and narrow nose offers no obstruction to the thighs when pedaling. These alleviate scuff and pain especially in long distance riding. Airflow vent design helps in air circulation, preventing sweat accumulation and dispersing heat from your bottom. Tonbux dual shock has a smooth and durable anti-scratch surface material which makes it resistant to wear and tear. This seat has a dual shock absorbing ball design, which is suitable in rough terrain making your rides comfortable by absorbing the impact.



• The ergonomic design of the seat makes riding comfortable for both long and short distance .
• Airflow vent design helps in air circulation and preventing overheating and excessive sweating.
• Its very durable with a water-resistant surface that is smooth and anti-scratch.
• The dual shock absorbing ball design makes riding in rough terrain comfortable.
• The installing process is natural and fast.
• The mounting wrench is user-friendly and reliable.





INBIKE foam padded seats

The saddle surface is durable as it contains microfiber imitated leather which is smooth and anti-scratch. The sits are wide which helps in dispersing the pressure and has thickened rare part padding for increased comfort. Inner foams plus dual springs play an important role in shock absorption.

The front side narrow design allows for free thigh movement when pedaling. The groove at the middle help in air circulation, hence preventing overheating and sweat build up. The saddle can easily be installed on any standard seat posts and comes with a wrench.



• The seats are durable, waterproof and made from the microfiber material that is anti-scratch.
• The large seat design helps in dispersing pressure.
• The inner density perforated foam and the dual springs have excellent impact absorption ability.
• The narrow fronts do not obstruct thigh movement; hence offer comfortable long rides.
• The saddle is easy to install.
• They are compatible to many types of bikes.





Aolander Bicycle Saddle

The seat is soft with a reflective band that is suitable especially at night times to boost security. The thick padding with elastic memory foam is comfortable for both male and females. Dual shock absorbing balls technology protects your body from pain caused by bumps. The saddle is very durable as it’s created from a high quality material that is wear-resistant and smooth at the same time.


• Comes with a reflective band that is an added safety advantage especially at night.
• The thick memory foam is comfortable to sit on for both males and females.
• Dual shock absorbing balls technology helps in impact absorption in rough surfaces.
• Has a durable and soft high quality material that is wear resistant.
• The groove at the middle helps in air circulation preventing sweat build up and overheating.
• Installation is quick and easy.




Schwinn quilted wide cruiser saddle

This saddle is made from a high quality material that is water resistant and has anti-scratch properties. This makes the seat durable for an extended period and maintains the aesthetic aspect. The material is extra soft, and the padding makes the seat comfortable for both men and women. The coil springs are very useful in absorbing shock impacts when riding in rugged terrain. This makes cycling more comfortable.


• The coils springs are very efficient in canceling out the effects of bumps.
• Durability is high as the seats are waterproof.
• Has very comfortable and soft material that makes seating a pleasure.
• The installation process is quick and easy.
• Its compatible with many types of bicycles.




OUTERDO bike saddle


Has a hollow design with a center cutout that offers anatomic relief and ventilation. During long rides, this seat relieves pressure on the perineum and provides ample airflow. Ergonomic design makes cycling easy as there are no obstructions between your thighs.

The foam padding provides comfort when you seat and the hollow-out design makes it lighter and breathable. It comes in a durable material that is perfect for outdoor activities. The installation process is quick and easy, and it’s compatible with many bikes.



• Ergonomic design makes it acutely effective in power output with the effort implemented when pedaling.
• The hollow design offers air circulation and anatomic relief by preventing perineum pressure.
• The foam padding provides comfort, and the empty section makes it lighter and breathable.
• The installation process is quick and easy.
• It’s suitable for many bikes.