Most Comfortable Cpap Mask 2020 – Reviews & Buying Guides

If you are considering a full face CPAP mask over other types, keep in mind that there are many cases where wearing a full face mask is preferred. Designed to be more comfortable, larger, and able to cover a wide portion of the face, full face masks offer the good comfort and stability when compared to other types of masks on the market.

For mouth breathers, the full face CPAP masks cover the mouth and the nose and are fitted with side straps. The side straps help keep the mask in place making the full face CPAP masks the best choice for side sleepers, restless sleepers, and mouth breathers.


Advantages of full face CPAP masks:

• The full face mask is the perfect solution for mouth breathers as it is difficult for some CPAP users to get used to nasal masks

• They are also helpful for those that struggle with nasal obstruction

• And for those with allergic congestion or cold/flu symptoms

• They are also perfect for those that suffer from claustrophobia when wearing nasal masks or pillow that make contact with their nose which can be uncomfortable and makes contact with pressure points on their face

• The full face masks provide more comfortable therapy with settings at higher pressure

• The full face masks are perfect for back sleepers and restless sleepers due to the good seal and ability to stay in place



Things to Consider When Choosing a CPAP Mask

• The most important considerations when finding a CPAP mask is fit, size, and comfort. If it doesn’t fit comfortably, fit right, or doesn’t meet your breathing needs, you probably won’t stick with CPAP therapy. Make sure to take your time going over the best mask for you with your DME tech and feel free to try a different mask later if you change your mind.

• If you are an active sleeper, make sure to tell your DME tech so you can find the most secure mask possible.

• If you are easily irritated or claustrophobic, make sure to tell your DME tech.

• For those with facial hair, find a mask that doesn’t leak from an uneven surface area.

• For those that like to watch TV, read, or wear glasses in bed, choose a mask that lets you have a good field of vision.

• For mouth breathers, consider a full face mask or nasal mask that use chin straps.

• Find out which of the many different cushion types (silicone, foam, gel, or cloth) is most comfortable for you.

• Make sure the mask your purchase has cushion parts that are replaceable.




Most Comfortable Cpap Masks For 2018


WiZARD 220 Full Face Mask

The smartly designed and well-constructed WiZARD 220 Full Face Mask by APEX Medical allows patients to obtain quality results without a lot of discomfort. This easy to fit, full face mask is simple to disassemble and maintain. Without any headaches or hassle, the WiZARD 220 provides excellent therapy with a soft, silicone-based mask featuring a cushion design that is not only comfortable but also secure with an effective seal.

Equipped with quick release clips, the WiZARD headgear is can be removed from the mask quickly and easily. Plus the quick release clips do not get in the way of your unique fit, so it’s not necessary to have to refit or readjust your mask. The mask itself conforms to your specific facial structure and includes a forehead pad for additional stability while the silicone cushion provides a nice fit that won’t leave pressure blemishes or marks.

The WiZARD 220 is available in three different sizes including large, medium, and small so you have more options for customization to personalize your therapy experience. This incredibly versatile and lightweight mask can function with pretty much any CPAP machine and tubing system. It distributes pressure evenly across your face and includes an automatic safety valve for emergencies. Reviewers rated the WiZARD 220 among the highest of the CPAP masks on the market.





AirFit F20 Full Face CPAP Mask

Part of the ResMed’s AirFit™ Series, the AirFit F20 Full Face CPAP Mask mask offers a unique frame that can adapt to different face structures for the most comfort. It is paired with the InfinitySeal™ cushion providing a strong seal no matter what the pressure. To provide the best sleep therapy, the full face mask was designed to cover both the mouth and nose without forehead support.

The design of the AirFit F20 ensures that the headgear and mask stay steady without an obtrusive support bar. The open range of visibility is great for those that are claustrophobic or like to watch TV or read before falling asleep. The seal is strengthened throughout CPAP therapy with a design that was intended for various pressures and is paired with a frame that can fit different face structures and types.

Extended above your ears, your crown, and down the base of your head, the headgear is padded along your head’s circumference so there is a portion of your head that is untouched. Built into the design, the padding provides added comfort and the headgear clips are magnetic connecting to the bottom straps easily and disengaging without destroying the mask’s fit.

The quick release air diffuser helps to quiet the CPAP therapy so that it is more enjoyable for both you and your partner. The CPAP hose can be removed quickly and efficiently from the elbow so that you can start and stop therapy without disrupting the mask. Available in three different sizes including standard, small, and large, the AirFit F20 allows you to choose the best cushion size and best size for your face structure.

On the downside, some users found the edges of the masks to irritate their skin and some had a few problems with leaks when it is bumped by pillows. Overall, users found this to be a comfortable and well-designed mask that easily makes the top range of CPAP masks.





Sleepnet Veraseal 2 AirGel

Bringing AIR°gel® technology to the severe care setting, the Veraseal 2 has a quick and easy fit that enhances your comfort. The AirGel cushion comes closest to your face to give you the most gentle cushioning while protecting your skin from irritation and pressure points.

Featuring a color-coded elbow in three designs, Veraseal 2 allows you to choose the correct mask for either single or dual limb circuit NIV systems. You can also choose from either a vented or non-vented version which is available for either BiPAP, CPAP, or ventilator therapy.

The ultra-soft and super light Sleepnet Veraseal 2 AirGel features a lightweight frame and flexible spacebar that seals without touching your forehead. With an active headgear connector, the Sleepnet Veraseal 2 moves with you giving you a reliable seal and easily slides off with just one hand.

Super soft and comfortable, hospitals use the Sleepnet Veraseal 2 for patients. The headgear also features a quick release and a 360° rotating swivel. The Sleepnet Veraseal 2 is available in four sizes including small, medium, large, and x-large. Users found the headgear to be lightweight and breathable with the mask rated as high-quality.





AirFit F10 Full Face Mask

Lightweight and easy to use, the AirFit™ F10 Full Face Mask is a design which touches less of your face. Easily snapping into place, the cushion is easy to clean and assemble while the innovative headgear is supportive without the need for forehead support. This compact full face mask is constructed with lightweight materials sealing both your mouth and nose.

The simple design of the AirFit™ F10 gives you a reliable fit and seal. The design does not require forehead support that will obscure your view allows you to easily watch TV or read before falling asleep. Plus, those that are claustrophobic will find it easier to adjust to the AirFit F10.

Reducing facial pressures and increasing the cushion’s seal, the F10’s Spring Air™ Technology has a replaceable cushion with a dual wall design. The inner wall supports the outer wall’s seal that inflates with air pressure. The headgear’s technology gives the support that is needed to maintain a reliable seal if worn loosely. With a flexible and lightweight material, the headgear gives you a comfortable fit by allowing air to move through the weave.

The headgear has rounded edges that are seamless to soften its touch against your head, plus it can be adjusted with lower and upper attachments to the mask frame. Air is quietly directed away from you and your partner by the circular venting at the elbow, and the quick release elbow can snap on and off for easy cleaning or during the night.

Several reviewers had a problem with getting a good fit and seal causing it to slip on their face. Overall, most users were pleased with the comfortable fit and minimal leakage.





Mirage Quattro Full Face Mask

A top of the line CPAP Mask, the Mirage Quattro Full Face Mask was designed to give you quality therapy with maximum comfort. This reliable and patient-friendly mask gives you great results and is the most tried and true mask on the market. With a special dual-wall cushion, the Mirage Quattro conforms to the unique features of your face with a cushion that is adjustable to your chin allowing the seal to move with your complex jaw movements during sleep.

Readjustment of your headgear is easy with quick release clips allowing you to easily remove the mask without moving the alignment or position of your headgear. With the quick release clips, there is no need for any more adjustment as the fit of your headgear is preserved.

With a special MicroFit dial, the Mirage Quattro lets you easily and quickly fit your mask and make adjustments after the initial fitting process. The dial enables you to find the perfect fit with 24 incremental adjustments.

So you won’t be distracted during your sleep, the new and improved vents release air quietly, plus it will accommodate your moving and shifting while you sleep. Available in three sizes including large, medium, and small, the Mirage Quattro promotes quiet and comfortable therapy.

On the downside, this mask is a little on the pricey side and some users had problems with leaks. Overall, it was rated very highly by reviewers who were now able to sleep through the night.





Amara Full Face CPAP Mask

With both a gel and silicone cushion, the Amara Full Face CPAP Mask allows you both option to make sure you find the best seal and fit. There are also two seal options either the silicone cushion in the traditional style or Philip Respironics’ popular gel cushion.

Users find the silicone cushion gives you a more typical seal with an inner silicone wall that helps keep the mask in the correct position and an outer silicone flap that forms a seal when the mask receives airflow.

Reliable and comfortable, the gel cushion has a thick inner gel wall that will contour to your face and lock into position. The outer gel flap is tailored to your face to create a secure seal.

With proven micro exhalation ports, the Amara is perfect for you and your partner with the number and size of the ports providing quiet operation. The forehead support on the Amara has a fine-glide button that allows easy adjustments to depth in small increments. You also get added support with the Respironics comfort gel full forehead pad that has been used in previous models.

Made of lightweight materials, the Amara weighs less than other mask designs on the market that are more rigid. Cleaning is fast and simple with the single click design of the cushion. Attached to a clear shell that is a single piece, both the silicone and gel cushion can be removed or added to the mask frame with just one click.

With any size gel and silicone cushion, you have versatility and comfort as the headgear and frame of the Amara are interchangeable. Available in two sizes, the Amara headgear includes both the original and reduced size. You will find that packaged with the small and petite AMars is the RS headgear while the original size headgear comes with the medium and large Amara.

On the downside, several reviewers had problems with leakage and marks that were left on their face. Overall, most users loved the Amara and how comfortable it is making it one of the top CPAP mask choices.