The Most Comfortable Futons For 2021

Are you looking for a super comfortable futon for your home but are not quite sure about the best choices out there? Well, you have come to the right place for information!

There are a few things you need to keep in mind when shopping for a futon. For example, the futon should be able to deliver on the purpose you wanted it to fill when you bought it. Are you going to be using the futon full time for sleeping purposes? Or is the futon just going to be a couch that your visitors can also sleep on?

There are some really good choices out there in all price ranges, but be aware that just because an article of furniture is cheap doesn’t necessarily mean that it is the best quality. Nor does an expensive price tag automatically mean that you are receiving the best possible deal.

A smart shopper will compare a range of products in the price range that they are most comfortable with, and from there they will make the best possible purchasing decision based on their needs. So, depending on what you want to do with the futon, this will determine the best possible futon frame and mattress for you.

In this article we have compared a range of futons and detailed all of the important features and considerations for purchasers. We believe that the following features and options lists will provide major value by helping you narrow your decision making.

Tips for choosing the best possible futon frame and bed.

• Try to find a futon that reflects the style of furniture most prevalent in your home.

• Make sure that the futon frame is sturdy enough to last for years.

• Make sure that the futon bedding material is designed for comfort, and will not get lumpy or pancake flat.


Here Is Our Comfortable Futon Comparison Guide:


DHP Premium Sofa Futon Couch

Are you looking for a futon with a super-sleek design? Well, the DHP Premium has it in spades!

Design: The DHP sofa futon couch has a modern design and a black faux leather finish. It is a simple design that comes with four legs that are made of very strong stainless steel. The legs and connectors are really thick and sturdy compared to other brands and should last for a long time even with daily use.

Comfort: The couch foam material is made of memory foam and it is designed to convert from a sofa to a flatbed just by folding the couch down. However, the futon cushion is not really “soft”. This helps with the longevity of the furniture, but if your back prefers softer bedding you may want to consider adding an additional pillow-top cover. Additionally, if you are over 6” tall, be ready for some overhang.

Aesthetics: Due to its minimalist design, this futon would not look out of place in a modern architectural setting. However, it seems like it is preferably made for small apartments.

Ease of Assembly and Use: Due to efficient design, this futon can be assembled very quickly even if you are a little bit screwdriver “challenged”.

Verdict: If you are looking for furniture for your first ever apartment, and you want to have a minimalist Style on a budget, then this DHP futon is for you.




The DHP Allegra Pillow-Top Futon

This futon is also made by DHP but is designed for ease of assembly and comfort. This futon has a pillow top cushion on the seating area that is engineered to be a little more comfortable than the average futon.

Design: This futon’s fabric is made of microfiber with a whipped pillow top cushion added for comfort. The seating area has additional padding to reduce fatigue. The frame is made of sturdy wood and overall the futon is a well-engineered product.

Comfort: The entire futon has memory foam padding throughout but the foam is not super soft. This means that the futon padding will last a long time but this futon is not necessarily designed to be used as a daily sleeper. Also, the length of the futon is 71 inches so be aware that taller people might feel a little discomfort sleeping on the futon overnight.

Aesthetics: This futon is a good-looking piece of furniture. The black color allows it to go with almost any style of interior decoration. However it would probably be most at home in a modern setting.

Ease of assembly and use: One would think that with such a sturdy wood frame that this furniture would be difficult to put together. However, this futon is surprisingly easy to set up.

Verdict: if you are looking to purchase a futon that will last a long time on a budget, yet still look great in most interior design settings, then the Allegra pillow top futon is a great choice.




Mozaic Full Size 12-inch Cotton Twill Futon Mattress

Are you looking for a super soft and comfortable futon mattress to go with the frame that you already have? Then the mosaic full size mattress might be for you.

Design: This is a futon mattress, and not a full futon set. However, if you are going to be sleeping on your futon on a daily basis, then you will probably need a futon mattress that is actually built for the job. The Mosaic mattress is really thick, like a foot thick. It is really just a mattress but with the right covering and the right frame it will make a very comfy sofa as well.

Comfort: Mattress is constructed of thick memory foam wrapped in a cotton cover mix. This is all covered by a cotton blend cover that can be removed for cleaning. Due to the fact that this is a very thick mattress, you can be plenty sure that this is a very comfortable sleeper. This mattress can sleep a 6 foot tall person easily.

Aesthetics: Due to the fact that this is a very thick fluffy mattress, you will not see this mattress appearing in Architectural Digest homes. However, if you have a very nice frame and a great looking cover, then you will be able to pass this futon mattress off as a very solid piece of furniture.

Ease of assembly and use: This mattress comes to your door vacuum packed in a box. Hence there are no screwdrivers or hammers needed to get it going. However, due to the nature of the mattress being very thick, some people may think that it is a tad heavy and unwieldy.

Verdict: if you are looking for a super comfortable replacement mattress for an already existing futon frame then the Mosaic cotton mattress would be a very good choice for you.




Divano Roma Furniture Modern Plush Futon

Design: The Divano Roma is a linen covered futon with a tufted pillow look. The futon frame has stainless steel legs attached to a sturdy frame that is designed to fold down easily.

Comfort: On the plus side, the tufted pillow look allows for a more comfortable night’s sleep. However, the cushions are not a terribly soft might even be called “stiff”. This is good because it means that the couch will retain its look for a long period of time, (which is a problem with the “tufted” look) but it also means that it is not super comfortable compared to other futons.

Aesthetics: The tufted pillow look might go well in a contemporary setting depending on the color choice (black, for example) but most would agree that this futon might fit better in a student apartment or and a guest room of a first-time buyers home.

Ease of assembly and use: This futon is simple to put together and it is easy to convert it from a couch to a bed.

Verdict: If you are looking for a futon for your guest room or have a style of furniture that includes lots of tufted pillows then this futon just might work for your needs.




Nirvana Futons Arden Dark Espresso

If you are looking for a slightly more upscale futon then the Nirvana Arden futon might fit the bill.

Design: This futon is arm-less with a heavy hardwood frame. The futon mattress is really thick and designed to be very comfortable. Given that the frame is so well designed, matching with a really nice futon mattress cover can make the futon fit in most interior design settings.

Comfort: The frame is rock solid and the mattress is 8 inches thick. It is designed to be a full-time sleeper and provide as much comfort as a regular bed. The bed is a standard full size sleeper bed or can be upgraded to a queen size. Also, the mattress is made with 4 layers of dense foam.

Aesthetics: Depending on your choice of color for the mattress or the covering this futon will fit in many different settings. Due to the fact that it can be a full-time sleeper it can even be at home in a RV.

Ease of assembly and use: This futon is high-quality but it will probably arrive in 2 separate instances to your home. The mattress will arrive in one box and the futon frame and another. The futon frame is really sturdy but will require a little bit of “handyman” skills to put together.

Verdict: Excellent long-term value and outstanding look that will appeal to a wide variety of styles.




Kodiak Futon Lounger Sleeper

Are you looking for a small futon that would fit perfectly in a dorm room or a tiny apartment? Then the Kodiak futon sleeper might be of interest to you.

Design: This futon is set up to allow both arm sides to fold flat from a more upright position. This allows a person who is a little bit taller to sleep fully stretched out. It also allows one arm side to lay fully down and allow one to recline on the couch in a slightly more upright position.

Comfort: The padding on the futon is nice and thick, however, this couch is really designed to be a twin bed when fully laid flat. That said, the single person sleeping on this bed will be comfortable.

Aesthetics: This couch is designed to be quite at home in a very small, efficient space. That means it is perfect for dorm rooms or very small rooms where a guests may sleep.

Ease of assembly and use: This futon has a few more moving parts than the typical futon frame. Thus, you will probably need to closely follow the directions and be a little bit handy with your tools. However, if you run into trouble the seller has excellent customer service available to help.

Verdict: Excellent choice for a student dorm room or a tiny apartment or tiny room.




Better Homes and Garden Futon with Coil Mattress

Are you looking for a futon that can also double as a couch that would fit in many interior decorating situations? If so, check out this awesome futon mattress combination from Better Homes and Garden.

Design: The futon side arms are made of solid wood in an espresso color and the bottom is a metal frame. The mattress is an independently encased coil mattress that is super thick and covered in twill in the color of your choice.

Comfort: Due to the thickness of the mattress and the fact that they have independent coils this is one of the more comfortable futon mattresses you will ever see. Also, when fully laid out, this mattress is basically a full size bed.

Aesthetics: The futon frame is not designed like your typical futon but looks more like a nice piece of furniture that should reside in your living room. The thing that gives it away is the super thick cushion sitting on the frame. However, one look at this futon will tell you that you do not need to worry about whether this futon will fit in with your upscale home decor.

Ease of assembly and use: This is a very sturdy and very comfortable piece of furniture. However, in order to get that way the manufacturer has to make a very heavy product. Be ready to bribe a strong friend to help you put this together.

Verdict: This futon is a really nice high-end couch that happens to fold down for sleeping purposes.




Nirvana Futons Stanford Futon

The Nirvana futon is designed to the super comfortable and last for a very long time. While not difficult to assemble it will require some slight expertise. Overall however you will be satisfied with the Comfort level and quality build.

Design: This futon has a full frame made of wood and a very comfortable mattress.

Aesthetics: If you have a wood style in your home decor or perhaps going for a Northern woods feel then this futon frame and bed would go perfectly in your setting.

Comfort: Due to the fact that the bed folds down into a full size with an 8 inch thick mattress this futon delivers when it comes to comfort.

Ease of assembly and use: There are a lot of wooden slats that need to be connected to the frame. Be aware that it will take about 45 minutes of diligent concentrated work to put this futon frame together. However, upon completion, you will have a sturdy and reliable futon frame for years to come.

Verdict: A very solid product that needs the right home decor to fit in.