Most Comfortable Running Shoes for 2021 – Go the extra mile in comfort

Choosing what running shoes to buy can be difficult because of how many options are there. There are, however, a couple factors to help you choose. First of all, comfort is a priority. Exercising can be hard enough without having comfortable shoes, and comfort is influenced by how the shoe fits. If running shoes are too big, there is a greater chance that the feet will slide while moving, increasing the chance of potentially painful blisters.

On the other hand, if the shoes are too small, the feet can feel squished, which can be very uncomfortable and even cause bruising on the toes. The material and padding can impact how a shoe fits, and the padding within the shoes also affects how comfortable the shoe feels. Different people obviously have different feet, so certain runners prefer more padding or more arch support while others prefer less.

Generally, a running shoe should have enough padding to securely absorb the shock from running. The surface where one will be running or working out can be a factor in picking shoes as well, considering different outsoles work better for specifics terrains, and you want to be sure to pick a shoe that is good for the activities you want to use the shoe for. With all these factors in mind and more, we have put together a list of the most comfortable running shoes to help you narrow down all the options.


Comfortable Men’s Running Shoes


ASICS Men’s GEL Venture 5 Trail Running Shoe

ASICS is known to make some of the most popular running shoes, and this shoe is no exception: They are rated four-and-a-half stars with over 8,000 customer reviews. These shoes are a number one bestseller for Amazon’s men’s athletic shoes, and the synthetic material and mesh that it is made out of makes it breathable, allowing your feet to still get some air while working out. The rugged outsole is intended for use on various terrains, and the shoe has Rearfoot GEL Cushioning to help it be more comfortable. This shoe comes in fifteen colors, letting you pick a color that suits you, and it ranges from sizes seven to fifteen in US Men’s sizing.

Several reviews comment on how the shoe has nice arch support, especially for people with low arches, but one top rated review does say that the shoe wore down easily. Many men commented how they loved these shoes for walking around for long distances, but there were a few who noted that they did not love these shoes for prolonged running on compact terrain, meaning pavement and streets, despite the shoe’s claim to be perfect for many different terrains. Overall, the reviews are overwhelming positive, but pay attention to the low arch support and what you’ll be using it for: This may not be the best shoe for intense pavement running, but it can be great for lower intensity running.




Adidas Performance Men’s Energy Cloud WTC M Running Shoes

These Adidas shoes have four stars with 336 customer reviews, and are made purposely to be lightweight and breathable. There’s a cloud foam midsole for comfort as well as support mid-foot to help keep a locked-down fit. They are available in sizes six and a half to fifteen available and offer four neutral colors to choose from.

Adidas can run a bit narrower than other shoe brands, so if you know you have a wider foot, these shoes may not be the best fit for you. That being said, the reviews do support Adidas’s claim that the shoes are lightweight, as there is a majority consensus that these shoes are both very light and comfortable. Many reviews do claim, however, that these shoes are great for walking but not the best for working out in, even more so than the Men’s GEL Venture shoe mentioned above. They also talk about how good the shoes look and how many compliments they get on them, so this shoe is a perfect comfortable option for men who want to look good but aren’t doing too strenuous work out in these shoes.




Nike Men’s Free Rn Running Shoe

These shoes definitely have the most colorful options for sale so far, with numerous choices ranging from a bright purple to a light green, and the sizes available really depend on the color but are generally come in sizes six and a half to fifteen. Similar to the Adidas Performance Men’s Energy Cloud shoe, these shoes are made to be lightweight and breathable with its mesh material, but these Nike shoes also have increased flexibility with a tri-star outsole pattern that is supposed to expand and contract with your natural running stride. Its description emphasizes comfort and durable traction, and it has an average of four stars with over 350 reviews.

While the reviews say that these shoes do run a bit smaller, they mainly agree that these shoes are comfortable and light. Some reviewers comment that these shoes definitely had the support that they needed, and many people say that they love these shoes for running and other exercises. Generally, the reviews are very positive, with the main complaint just being the size issue.




ASICS Men’s GEL-Quantum 360 Running Shoe

Coming in sizes seven to fifteen, this shoe has four-and-a-half stars with more than 700 customer reviews, and although color does not play a role in comfort, this shoe comes in a lot of fun color combinations. A little different from the other ASICS shoe reviewed, this shoe is made of fabric/synthetics with both a heel clutching and GEL cushioning system for ultimate comfort. The goal is to provide a lightweight shoe with a breathable but secure fit for performance running.

Many of the reviewers rave about how comfortable these shoes are and also how great they are for running specifically. Although they may be a bit heavier than expected for lightweight shoes (the shipping weight is four pounds), the shoe provides a lot of stability and support. The main criticism with these shoes seems to be the quality, as some claim that they don’t hold up as well as they wanted them too. Despite this complaint, these shoes seem to be a solid option for the more hardcore runners.



Adidas Perfomance Men’s Alphabounce M Running Shoe

This shoe’s claim to fame is the sock-like fit for comfort, meaning that it is constructed to fit snugly and hug your feet. It has a rubber outsole for grip and fuse mesh for breathability. There’s a textile lining and a bounce midsole for long-distance running support. With twenty color options to choose from, this shoe comes in sizes six and a half to fifteen. The shoe has five-and-a-half stars with over 300 reviews, and it’s rated number five for Men’s athletic trail running shoes.

For long-distance runners, this shoe holds up to its description, proven to provide a comfortable and supportive option. They may be a bit slippery on slick surfaces, but they work well on trails and most other surfaces. The shoes fit well and fairly true to size, even though Adidas tend to run a bit narrower, and one customer even writes that they fit his wide feet well.



Comfortable Women’s Running Shoes


ASICS Women’s Gt-1000 5 Running Shoe

These ASICS shoes offer a special Impact Guidance System design that works with the wearer’s natural stride, and they have GEL cushioning in both the front and back of the shoe, helping to lessen the shock of the impact. The SpEVA material that the midsole is made out reduces midsole breakdown. The mesh on the shoes let feet breath, and the support in the shoes helps prevent blisters and irritation. With four-and-a-half stars from over 500 reviews, these shoes come in sizes five through thirteen in eight color options.

These shoes are known for their support and comfort, and customers love them for a variety of exercises, including intense HIIT workouts, with personal trainers, and running. They’re not noted to be particularly lightweight, but they do have a lot of arch support and can be very helpful for those with injuries that hurt with impact. In general, these shoes are a great option for women looking for shoes with support for any exercise.




Saucony Women’s Kineta Relay Running Shoe

Saucony focuses on creating products that enhance performance, so these shoes are made for the purpose of running. Coming in sizes five to twelve, these shoes have twenty-one color options and are rated four-and-a-half stars with almost 600 reviews. With all the options, the shoe is supposed to be both on-trend and comfortable. It has a memory foam footbed for extra comfort, including a EVA+ foam cushion for the midsole. There’s a tonal mesh window for breathability, and the shoe is lightweight.

Many women describe the experience of wearing these shoes like walking on air because of the pillow-like padding in them. Even with all the padding, the shoes still feel very lightweight. These shoes are great for comfort while running and walking, but even though the memory foam is very comfortable, these shoes do not provide much arch support. If your feet require a lot of arch support, you may want to consider other options. The soles and tread also can wear down fair quickly, but if you’re looking purely for comfort, you may not be able to get much better than these Saucony shoes.




Onemix Women’s Air Running Shoes

These shoes only come in four colors, from sizes five and a half to eleven. They have five stars with twenty customer reviews, so they may not be as popular as the other two women’s shoes talked about already. The distinctive feature for these shoes is the sloping tongue, which increases the secure fit. The shoe is intended for a lot of different activities, such as going to the gym, playing sports, and running. Like the Saucony Kineta shoes, they have a memory foam insole to provide maximum comfort, and the shoes have maximum shock absorption as well. The rubber outsole is in a waffle pattern to allow for better traction, helping them to work well on any surface.

People love these shoes because of how comfortable they are. Even though these shoes fit snugly, they are very lightweight and breathable. Many women loved how cute they were, although there were a few complaints about the color being different from how it looked online. There is not too much support in these shoes, similar to the Kinetas, but if you’re looking for a versatile athletic shoe that’s incredibly comfortable, this is it.



Adidas NEO Women’s Lite Racer W Casual Sneaker

Although all these shoes included in this post are comfortable, these shoes are the most popular Women’s shoes out of the ones reviewed, with four-and-a-half stars and almost a thousand reviews. The mesh material creates a honeycomb look that allows for a lot of breathability, and there’s a textile lining to help increase comfort. They come in fourteen colors and in sizes five through eleven. Following the foam trend we have going with the last two shoes, the Lite Racer has a visco-elastic rebound foam insole that molds to your feet. There’s a high-abrasion EVA midsole in order to have sustainable comfort.

A large amount of customers call these shoes extremely comfortable and cute. These shoes may run slightly large (although there are conflicting reviews), and sizing seems to be the biggest complaint. They also can tear or get holes in them relatively easy. With the added midsole support, these shoes may offer a bit more arch support than the other two shoes with memory foam. These shoes are great for people who want little more support but still the comfort of the foam insoles.




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