The Most Comfortable Women’s Underwear – 2021 Guide

When it comes to choosing the most comfortable Women’s underwear, it’s often very easy to find beautiful fabrics in many designs and colors. However, it can be a bit more difficult finding underwear that gives you the comfort levels you require. Underwear is something most of us wear every day, and therefore the fabric needs to be durable and not wear over time. You need an underwear that’ll survive your washer and dryer. Not pairs that fray and lose their elasticity after a few wears and therefore become uncomfortable over time.

There’s also the question of whether your underwear can be seen under you clothing. Often our most comfortable pairs of panties are not ones we can wear under tight pants or dresses. We’re then stuck in something uncomfortable for the day.

The Importance Of Getting The Right Fabric

Cotton is the most recommended fabric when it comes to women’s lingerie. Often our underwear is uncomfortable not because of the size or the shape of the underwear, but because of the fabric itself. Cotton allows your body to breathe with the material and also absorbs any moisture. So even if you’re looking for something different to your every day panty, cotton is your best bet. Although there are other good options for most comfortable Women’s underwear out there too. Pairs of underwear that are machine-washable are also advisable to avoid them from losing their elasticity over time. You may also want to think about hand-washing your most delicate pieces of lingerie.

Many of us are stuck with uncomfortable, low quality underwear because, obviously, underwear is not something you can try on in a store. However, we’ve compiled a list of the best most comfortable Women’s underwear available to you on Amazon. So whether you’re looking for thongs, hipsters, bikinis or boyshorts, we know you’ll find undies that’ll keep you comfortable every day and last you a long time.


The Most Comfortable Women’s Underwear Reviews

Calvin Klein Seductive Comfort Bikini

This bikini underwear from Calvin Klein adds a little lace to a your everyday lingerie. However, it still gives you maximum comfort. Crafted from soft stretch satin microfiber, this underwear feels silky and soft against your skin and the wide lace elastic band means they stay in place and you won’t have to spend all day worrying about them slipping. The lace at the rear gives you full coverage, but also lays flat against the skin leaving you with no visible panty lines, meaning you can wear almost everything on top of these underwear and still go out in confidence.

These panty’s sit comfortably on the waist with a regular rise, making them perfect for every day wear. They are crafted from 78.5% nylon and 21.5% elastane, but feature a cotton gusset to absorb any moisture and to help keep you dry and ventilated. Furthermore, these Calvin Klein Seductive Comfort Bikini’s come in a range of colors.




Maidenform Women’s Dream Cotton Boyshort

The Maidenform Women’s Dream Cotton Boyshort is crafted from luxuriously soft 89% cotton, with 11% elastane spandex, giving you maximum comfort and full coverage. This underwear flexes around your body to fit you, without there being any issue of riding. The spandex also gives your rear definition and a lift, while hidden features smooth and support your body for whatever activity you do. The wide fabric waistband gives you added comfort and ensures there is no slipping or moving underneath your clothes.

The cotton lined gusset helps to keep you protected from any excess moisture and leaves you feeling dry and comfortable. These boyshorts come in many different colors and designs and are machine washable, making them perfect for every day use.




Calvin Klein Women’s Modern Cotton Boyshort

These boyshorts from Calvin Klein not only give you the iconic Calvin Klein logo waistband design, but also great comfort and support. Made with 53% cotton, 35% modal and 12% elastane, they give you full rear coverage without slipping or moving and a medium rise waist helps to keep them in place without riding up. The breathable cotton gusset also keeps you comfortable and ventilated all day. The material is soft and smooth against the skin and perfect to wear under most outfits. These boyshorts are available in a range of colors and sizes, many that also have coordinating bralettes available so you can complete the look with the whole set.




New Balance Women’s Premium Performance Thongs

These pack of three New Balance Premium Performance Thongs are perfect if you are someone who is on the go and wants the comfort and support of fuller underwear, but in the design of a thong. Made from a blend of polyester and spandex, this lingerie is durable and breathable making it especially great if you are active or athletic. Also featured is a cotton gusset to keep your most sensitive area dry and fresh throughout the day.

The stretchy material fits to your body and the seamless design means you can wear these panties under any outfit and not have to worry about there being a visible panty line. The elastic waistband helps to hold the underwear in place and gives you maximum freedom of movement. They are also washer and dryer safe and highly resistant to fading, and are available in different colors and styles.




Jockey Women’s Elance Briefs

The Jokey Women’s Elance Briefs fall at waist level and offer full front and back coverage. This makes sure you feel comfortable all day long. They are 100% cotton and therefore give your body the ability to breathe with the pair of underwear while also absorbing any excess moisture. The cotton gives them a soft and smooth feel against your skin and the shape means they naturally curve against your leg and hips, showing off your natural curves.

The full brief style paired with the fabric covered waistband means they stay up and you’re supported all day long. Available in packs of three, you can buy these cotton underwear in different colors to suit your outfits to ensure they don’t show underneath your clothes. These Jockey briefs are also machine washable.




Fruit Of The Loom Moisture Wicking CoolBlend Panties

Fruit Of The Loom Moisture Wicking CoolBlend Panties help to keep you cool in even the hottest of weathers. With the moisture wicking formula of CoolBlend fabrics and cotton and the side panel features, they help to lower your body temperature and help you avoid excess sweating. The soft waist and leg bands also help to keep you cool and work to keep the underwear in place. Meaning you can stay comfortable all day. The classic bikini style of these panties give you good coverage without riding and they sit slightly above your hips. They also feature a 100% cotton lining, helping to ventilate and keep you comfy. These tag free panties come in a four pack and are machine washable.




Jockey Women’s Plus Size Classics Full Cut Briefs

This three pack of women’s Plus size Classics Full Cut Briefs give you a classic fit that hits the natural waist while also giving you full rise and coverage. Made from 100% cotton, these panties are durable and breathable with a lined gusset, meaning you get lasting protection to keep you comfortable. The scalloped effect of the elastic waistband enhances the underwear’s performance by ensuring that they stay in place and they do not ride up with wear.

They also follow the natural curve of your leg to move with your body throughout the day, making sure you can do anything while wearing them. The soft material is machine washable and long-lasting, so you won’t have to race out and buy new pairs after a few washes. There are also fun, colorful styles to choose from.




Carole Martin Women’s Hipster Panties

Carole Martin’s Hipster Panties sit just below your belly button. Designed to ensure you don’t get any unwanted muffin-top effect. Made from 82% nylon and 18% spandex, this soft material not only feels comfortable against your skin, but also makes your pants or skirt easily glide over the top. The spandex ensures they do not move about during the day so you don’t have to worry about them riding up, and the full front and back panel coverage means you feel supported. The side panel gives a contour to the front of the hip, meaning you get a slimming effect and you can feel confident at all times. These are available in neutral colors and perfect for every day wear.




Amazon Essentials Women’s Cotton Stretch Bikini Panty, 6 Pack Black, Medium

With these pack of six Amazon Essentials Women’s Cotton Stretch Bikini Panties, you’re getting value for money. They come in a range of colors and patterns, and the 95% cotton and 5% spandex blend gives ultimate comfort. These are shaped in the classic bikini style and so are perfect to wear under almost anything. The 5% spandex gives an extra stretch to secure them in place and ensure they don’t slip. The cotton lined gusset allows for moisture absorption so you can feel dry and comfortable all day. They are also machine washable and durable and therefore will last you a long time.




Cosabella Women’s Never Say Never Low Rise Hottie Hotpant

The innovative design of the Cosabella Women’s Never Say Never Low Rise Hottie Hotpant gives you an all over floral scalloped lace design that lays flat against the body for maximum comfort without any irritation. Allowing you to feel and look great, the lace will not roll or bunch up and moves with the body, so you can go about your day. With a low-rise waist and cheeky rear coverage, these panties are made from 91% polyamide and 7% elastine.

The gusset is made of 95% cotton too, so it still gives you that breathable effect to keep you dry. Best hand washed, the lace material is long-lasting and will not pull or tear over time. These panties are available in many colors, so you can choose the pair that’s right for you.





Whether you’re looking for a thong, hotpant, bikini, hipster or full cut panties, there is a pair of comfortable women’s underwear out there for you that’ll leave you feeling great all day long. You want your underwear to look great and be available in many different colors to match your outfit and mood. You also need your lingerie to be durable and not wear over time, both of which you can find in our list above. While cotton is the best for comfortable women’s underwear, there are many other great options. All of which also have a cotton gusset to leave your most sensitive area ventilated and dry.

You also don’t need to worry about being able to see your panties through your clothes anymore. You can stay confident that your comfortable underwear is not visible. So, why survive with your current underwear that’s not making you feel your best? Grab some new, comfortable pairs and go about your day knowing you’re protected.